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Corporate Online CSV for Segment Accounts statement format

This is a legacy statement format and has no enrichment support.

Format overview

Field delimiters

The COL CSV for Segment Accounts file is a comma delimited file (CSV).

Record termination

Each record is terminated by a CR/LF end-of-line pair.

Leading zeros

All leading zeros within file extracts will be provided, including the following leading zeros;

  • Transaction Codes (e.g. 001, 099 etc).
  • Account Numbers (e.g. 032000, 000007, 032000000016).

File specification

Line 1 of each CSV file will contain a header record as follows:


Following the header line, each transaction for the account will be included as follows:

Field Field Name Field Length (max) Description
1 Transaction Date 8 Format will be YYYYMMDD, e.g: 17th March 2017 will display as 20170317.
2 Account Number 12 BSB Number / Account Number, e.g: 032000123456.
3 Segment Account Number 12 BSB Number / Account Number of the Segment Account for this transaction. Empty if this transaction was not processed against a segment account.
4 Currency Code 3 The currency of the account, e.g: AUD = Australian Dollars.
5 Closing Balance 17 Account closing balance, signed for negative amounts, e.g: 1234.56 or -1234.56.
6 Transaction Amount 17 Transaction amount, signed for negative amounts, e.g: 1234.56 or -1234.56.
7 Transaction Code 3 Three digit bank transaction code, e.g: 050.
8 Narrative 100 Transaction narrative describing the transaction.
9 Serial Number 7 Transaction serial number, e.g: 1234567.

If required, a balance line containing empty values for the last four fields (Transaction Amount, Transaction Code, Narrative, Serial Number) can be provided when an account has no transactions for a particular day.

Sample files

The following files are intended to be examples only.

NPP sample transactions

Download the NPP sample Corporate Online CSV For Segment Accounts file.

This file contains examples of all NPP transaction codes, and how they will appear in a standard Corporate Online CSV for Statement Accounts statement.

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