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New Payments Platform (NPP)

The New Payments Platform (NPP) allows fast and data-rich transactions between Australian accounts.

The following file formats support the additional information provided with an NPP payment:

Other file formats may include NPP transactions, however those formats do not support any additional data provided from NPP transactions.

The following information is only applicable to the above file formats that support the extended data provided with an NPP transaction.

NPP transaction codes

Transactions made via NPP are represented by the following Westpac transaction codes.

Transaction Code Description
803 SCT (Simple Credit Transfer) Debit
817 OSKO Debit
870 SCT (Simple Credit Transfer) Debit Return
874 OSKO Debit Return
886 SCT (Simple Credit Transfer) Credit
887 OSKO Credit
891 SCT (Simple Credit Transfer) Credit Return
892 OSKO Credit Return
895 SCT (Simple Credit Transfer) Credit Reversal
896 OSKO Credit Reversal

NPP return and reversal codes

Reason Code Description
AB## Where # is a digit 0-9. The payment could not be processed due to an NPP technical issue.
AC01 Credit account is invalid.
AC02 Account closing or closed.
AC03 Account has invalid account status.
AC06 Branch not found.
AC07 Account not found.
AC14 Account exists but cannot accept funds via NPP.
AC18 Debit account is invalid.
AC26 Debtor account number is invalid or missing.
AC27 Payee account number is invalid or missing.
AC29 Payee account is unable to have transactions posted.
AC30 Payee account is closed.
AG03 Account exists but does not support this business service.
AG04 Account exists but does not support credits.
AGNT Incorrect reference data or clearing and settlement agent relationships.
AM01 The service prohibits zero dollar payments.
AM02 Payment amount is greater than the allowed maximum.
AM03 Foreign currency amount invalid.
AM11 Payment is not a valid currency.
AM12 Payment amount is invalid or missing.
AM13 Payer account has insufficient funds.
AM15 Payment amount is less than agreed amount.
AM18 NGS Liquidity module fails pre-clearing funds check.
AM19 Number of transactions at a group level is invalid or missing.
AM22 Unable to apply zero amount to designated account.
AV04 Insufficient funds.
AV05 Fund calculation is in progress and currently unavailable.
BE06 Account does not exist, or account exists but cannot accept funds.
BE22 Creditor name is required, but was not provided.
CH17 Value supplied is not allowed.
CH20 Decimal places in amount not consistent with currency.
CH21 Compulsory values are missing.
CURR Currency of the payment is incorrect.
DE32 Name of remitter was not supplied.
DT02 Invalid creation date format.
ED06 Interbank settlement system is not available.
FF01 File format is incomplete or invalid.
FF04 Service level code is missing or invalid.
FF08 End to End Id is missing or invalid.
FF10 Transaction unable to be processed by beneficiary bank.
FF11 Clearing request rejected due to an abort operation.
PS01 Duplicate Payment Id.
PV25 Payment amount exceeds limit set by LAF rule engine.
RC05 BIC identifier is missing or invalid.
RR05 Regulatory or Central Bank Reporting information missing or invalid.
RR07 Remittance information structure does not comply with rules for payment type.
SY## Where # is a digit 0-9. The payment could not be processed due to an NPP technical issue.
TD03 Incorrect file structure.
TE## Where # is a digit 0-9. The payment could not be processed due to an NPP technical issue.
TF## Where # is a digit 0-9. The payment could not be processed due to an NPP technical issue.

NPP sample files

The following files are intended to be examples only.

These files contain examples of all NPP transaction codes, and how they will appear in a standard statement. Any additional information included in an NPP transaction is only supported in the CAMT.053 and Extended CSV formats.

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